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Pat Jaranson Masonry, Inc.
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Pat Jaranson, Master Mason

Pat Jaranson is the master mason of Pat Jaranson Masonry, Inc. He is proud to uphold a three generations strong, family owned and operated masonry business for over 38 years.

Pat's father started out in the masonry industry decades ago, and knew that his years of experience as a mason would serve him well if he started his own business. The first generation of Jaranson masonry services began in 1975 with M. Jaranson Masonry. Pat was just a young teenager at that point, and going to work with his dad was commonplace for him on weekends at 13 years of age. He learned quickly that the laboring job was very demanding physically, yet mentally rewarding when done with an efficient "no loss of motion" mindset. His dad was old fashioned, and that built character over the years and groomed Pat for what would become his passion later in life. Pat's parents told him "not to go into this business, and get and education". So while working part time for his dad, he pursued his bachelors degree in marketing at the University of Wisconsin in Oshkosh. Upon finishing that, he told his dad that he still wanted to work in the masonry industry, but wanted to be "put on the wall". And so began an intense learning experience to become a mason that involved not just laying brick and stone, but the ability to acquire all skills needed to complete a job from start to finish on his own, while developing and bringing his own unique creative style to the "wall".

Pat accomplished all of this and more over the years as he became known as the "detail man" on the job. He helped his dad's business grow and remain current in every aspect that the masonry business faced. They expanded their business from chimney repair work and tuckpointing to new construction homes, fireplaces, remodeling work, and commercial masonry work. Pat and his dad are not only co-workers, but are to this day, the best of friends.

When Pat's dad decided it was time to retire, he generously passed on his business and legacy in the masonry brick business to Pat in 2007. Pat took his opportunity to keep the Jaranson name going in this industry and started his own company, Pat Jaranson Masonry, Inc. Now Pat is using all of the masonry skills, education, and business sense that he learned over the years to teach and mentor his own son, Bjorn Jaranson. In a time when most of the younger generation fail to see the benefits of hard work in the trades, and the value of learning a craft from your own father, Bjorn has stepped up to the plate and chosen to accept these values as important in his life. So, each generation has and is bringing new and exciting ideas, education, and quality workmanship to each project. Pat hopes to pass on his love for detail work in all projects, the ability to think outside of the box for each customer, and the passion for treating his customers and regular contractors with respect.

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Pat Jaranson, Master Mason of Pat Jaranson Masonry, Inc.

Stone masonry bricks